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de castelnau

Champagne De Castelnau – the coming of age

You might be forgiven for never having heard of Champagne De Castelnau. To be honest, it had slipped under my radar until recently, too. Its name and label are not exactly memorable even if you had spotted a bottle or two on the supermarket shelves, which you wouldn’t because they are not sold anywhere other […]


A Lidl Message

              A Lidl message from Richard:   ‘‘Lidl’s latest Wine Cellar Collection starts this Thursday, November 26th. As ever, I cannot guarantee exactly what will be in stock in your local store, but the following would be my picks…….   Bissinger Premier Cru Champagne  £15.99   Pouilly-Vinzelles £9.99 Riesling […]

pop cork

Bubbles in Brum

Birmingham may not immediately spring to mind as the centre of the universe for Champagne. But think again. Up here in beautiful Brum, yes indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have a lot to celebrate – a state of the art library, a new New Street station, Michelin starred restaurants coming […]

Champagne infographic 2.jpg

World Champagne Day

A few essential facts about champagne and lots more besides in this brilliant infographic by Michelle Mangan from  http://www.theeurope.com/  – a stunningly beautiful place to pop some corks and sip some bubbly.  


Ten Tips for Christmas Drinking

I know not everyone is like me – wine-obsessed and list-reliant – but you might find this little compendium valuable. Forget, for a moment, thoughts about how to be creative with tinsel or turkey, and put your mind instead to the really important part of Christmas; your Christmas drinking. If you’re leaving sherry out for Santa, […]


Nickolls & Perks

We regularly recommend Nickolls & Perks as great merchants when we host tastings and it’s about time we did so again to BYWine readers.   Here’s why: The range is large and eclectic. The prices are keen, and even sharper when they have offers on. They deliver and they are reliable. They are a well-established, trust-worthy family firm. […]

Comite champagne

A Champagne Refresher

There can be no better time to visit Champagne than mid-October when the vineyards are resplendent in their Autumn colours and the the vignerons are relaxed and content having brought in a good vintage, in this case 2014.  Consequently, an invitation to spend 3 days there in the company of other European Champagne Ambassadors was […]


Music and Wine

If you don’t like the wine, change the music. Music doesn’t just dish out the tingle factor, evoke memories, reduce us to tears and raise our spirits it also affects how we perceive what we taste. According to Professor Barry Smith of University of London, tasting generally, and wine tasting in particular, is not a […]