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Liscío Loving

This week I fell in love. I’m not about to run off with another man. Or woman. My new love is not even a wine. Or a book. Or a work of art. Well, in a way it is. It’s not a pet, a place, a film. That obscure object of my desire is a glass. It walked […]

Château Chenonceau? Who needs it? Birmingham's got The Cube!

Bougrier comes to Birmingham

Birmingham may not have châteaux or the country’s longest river  nor a coastline or vineyards as can boast the Loire region of France. But it does have canals and is the country’s second city, it has interesting modern buildings and well, there are vineyards not too far away even if they don’t yet reach the standard of production that Loire […]


Shoes or Wine?

‘Feast your eyes on that lot.’, I texted while being unable to turn my eyes away from the treasures which lay before me.  A kind of delirium set in along with a state of dread. I was in awe. The items which currently lay on my dining room floor so rarely graced my table singly, […]


Lammershoek Lam 2012

South African wines are becoming so exciting, believe me, but you have to know where to look. For the most part that may not be among the  branded wines but from the individual producers many of whom are like brands anyway their names are becoming so well-known. I’ll come back to others in a subsequent blog but […]


Petite Sirah’s Grand Prix

When was it that L.A.Cetto Petite Sirah from Mexico was Decanter Red Wine of the Year in the UK and cost about £3.99? 15 years ago? It was a great value everyday wine, to be sure, but it didn’t set the world alight or make hoards of wine producers start planting this grape. I wonder, however, if Chile’s […]