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Comite champagne

A Champagne Refresher

There can be no better time to visit Champagne than mid-October when the vineyards are resplendent in their Autumn colours and the the vignerons are relaxed and content having brought in a good vintage, in this case 2014.  Consequently, an invitation to spend 3 days there in the company of other European Champagne Ambassadors was […]

Cru Bourgeois 12

Cru Bourgeois 2012

The 2012 Crus Bourgeois were released last month and Richard and Laura spent a gruelling morning in her case, afternoon in his, tasting through those available in London at the annual tasting – a rather palate-bashing, teeth-shattering 188 of them. Following a little reminder as to exactly what Cru Bourgeois is and how the 2012s […]