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Ayala lady

Champagne Ayala

I rather like it when my views on wines are proved wrong, only of course if they change from being a bit negative to very positive as has happened following another look at the champagnes of Ayala. Ayala’s reputation has been somewhat up and down since its beginning in 1860, but, after having been languishing in a trough of producing forgettable […]

english wine week 1

English Wine Week

English Wine Week starts Saturday 28th May. And with apologies to the proud people of Wales it also includes wine from there.* If you haven’t already fallen in love with a few English wines make this week the moment that you do. The excitement about the rise in English wine quality is palpable in the trade, felt […]


Perfect Pinks

You know what we’re like in the UK, the merest hint of sunshine and the bbq is out, the shorts are on and the rosé is in the fridge.   The Drink Shop not only has a range covering every possible pink Pantone and price point but they are all reduced. But only until Thursday, […]


Lesser Known English Sparklers

English wine is on a roll. English sparkling wine rocks. So how is it that there are still so many wine drinkers in the UK who have yet to give it a go? It’s particularly surprising given the recent coverage in the national press about Champagne Taittinger investing in 69 hectares of vineyards in Kent. […]

RIOJA logo - hi res

Rioja – Land of a Thousand Wines

Few wine regions are as diverse in their landscape as Rioja. A relatively small area of only 70 miles east to west and 30 miles north to south, it boasts 150 square miles of interlocking mountain ranges shielding the land from both warm and cold winds, influencing the climate, the terrain, the exposure to sun […]

M&C 2006

Majestic Moët 2006

Celebrate the sunshine with this bargain from Majestic. You have to buy a case of six but don’t worry if Champagne isn’t your daily tipple, it’ll keep for a few years. It has a rich, generous peachy and pastry flavour; the fizz is long and soft, the finish elegant and refined. It certainly stood out […]


GSharpen the Senses

A stimulating presentation from Anne Krebiehl MW, presenting the German wines, and Professor Barry Smith, Co-Founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, presenting on how our senses interact.   Barry started off by reminding us of our main senses: Touch Taste Smell Sight Sound Balance But there are many others………and they all […]