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Battle of Bubbles

Battle of the Bubbles

For those of you still depressed by how comprehensively England were thrashed by New Zealand in the cricket World Cup, the following tale may offer some cheer. On the same day as the cricket, a blind tasting took place in both Wellington and London that pitched some of the best English sparkling wines against the best […]

Old wine

How Old?

One of the questions I’m asked about most frequently is for how long a wine can be aged. To be honest, for most of us, this is not a question keeping us awake at night as apparently 98% of the bottles of wine we buy, we drink within two weeks. If that seems way out […]


Old Bordeaux

I’m not sure why people ask me for how long they should keep their wine or for just how long it will still be delicious because most of us don’t actually keep our wine for very long. My friend does though and he recently put on a tasting of old clarets; very mature Bordeaux, mostly […]