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En Primeur 2015

Having joined the annual En Primeur tastings in Bordeaux at the beginning of April, here are a few musings:   – 2014 is a very good vintage on the left bank and a good vintage on the right bank. Cabernets tended to do well, so the right bank properties with higher % of Cabernet Franc […]

pinotage association

Pinotage Pleasure

Last month I had a little gripe about how most wine-drinkers walk swiftly past those gorgeous Rieslings which the wine trade love to love. The situation is very much reversed when it comes to Pinotage. Consumers have no hang-ups whatever about buying wines from this grape variety whereas the trade on the other hand gets […]

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Good Stuff from Waitrose

      Yesterday it was cheap and cheerful from Tesco, today it’s good stuff from Waitrose. Really good stuff. Fingers, credit card and cellar are currently flexing themselves for a pretty hefty order. We urge you to take a look here at the 254 wines with 25% off for one week only until 7th […]

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Every Little Helps

 Tesco has 25% off any 6 bottles from now until 21st April. We like this style of promotion because it is a chance to buy your favourites at competitive prices and, of course, ‘every little helps’. But actually Tesco’s assistance is even grander and more obliging than usual. Wines already promoted and reduced, and this […]