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There are around 90 members of the Association of Wine Educators, working all over the UK, providing training and tastings, education and entertainment both to the trade and to consumers. They are selecting and buying wines for these events. It struck me that I would be interested to know what wines my colleagues are choosing and why, […]


Lidl Launches New Wine Cellar Range

Just to let you know that a new Wine Cellar promotion starts at Lidl today, Thursday May 28th.  There is a lot of good stuff which, if past experience is anything to go by, sells out very quickly.  Look out particularly for the Portuguese wines!  Full accompanying brochure should be in with the weekend papers.  […]

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Coravin Conviction

Coravin is a device that enables wine lovers and restaurateurs to serve wine from the same bottle over a period of up to 12 months, using Argon gas to release wine under pressure and to keep the wine fresh after each serve. It uses a needle to penetrate the cork, so neither capsule or cork […]