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The Latest from Lidl

The Easter Wine Cellar Collection arrives in Lidl stores on Thursday, March 30th 2017. There really is some good stuff so it’s worth popping in.  Here are a few of Richard’s favourites……   Whites Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Cimarosa, Chile  – 4.99 – textbook Sauvignon at a very affordable price Veneto Bianco Vigneti di Sole 2015 – […]

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Asda bargains

Patting our back pockets today…………… ASDA Extra Special Chardonnay Asda £5.78 An Australian Chardonnay, which is almost embarrassingly cheap, a real bargain. I know the Aussie’s were responsible for giving Chardonnay a bad name but this isn’t one of those wines. This is creamy with a definite tropical fruitiness, it has lifted crispness and a […]

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Radio Wine Recommendations

If the pair below aren’t available in your local Aldi, they certainly are online today. I put an order in this morning but I have left you some, honest.   Lot 10 Clare Coonawarra Cabernet 2014 Aldi £6.99 was £9.99 All blackcurranty on the aromas and it tastes like Ribena for grown-ups too but with […]