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Aldi/Lidl Taste Off

The Aldi/Lidl showdown, a blind tasting of pairs of generic wines from both stores, took place in Birmingham  and revealed some interesting points. Lots of people were curious about the tasting emailing me their disappointment at not being able to attend for whatever reason, something they don’t usually bother to do,  and more since the […]

The Wine Society  24th February 2015

Pouilly-Fumé Les Princes Ermites 2013

I just love it when a wine hits me in the face with a great big smack of quality, especially when I am not altogether expecting it. The Wine Society press tasting found me mouth agape, pointing with raised eye-brows to the Pouilly-Fumé I’d just tasted. Other tasters around me agreed. I had had my pen-poised to write something […]

Riesling grape

Riesling Rocks

There must be good reasons why you, the wine lover, doesn’t drink wine made from particular grape varieties. But often this stubborn refusal to learn to love what some of us think of as utter deliciousness is sadly based on myth and outdated prejudice. The most maligned of these dejected grape varieties is the exquisite, uplifting and […]

Brunello Salvioni

Brunello 2010

Most wine tastings I attend are, of course, integral to my job with my principal clients and approached with solemnity and reverence. Occasionally an opportunity comes along to attend a tasting purely for the purpose of learning – and, dare I say it, for the pleasure of experiencing less familiar wines.   So when one […]