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Ribera 2013 BUENA

Sometimes, rarely, it pays not to have a diary bursting at the seams with a whole load of uncancellable tastings, classes, courses or deadlines. It means that when an email pings into your inbox suggesting a fleeting visit to Ribera del Duero the following week you are at liberty to say yes. I thought I […]


Mum & Wine Pairing

Mums are great. So is wine. They deserve each other. Find the perfect wine in this tongue-in-cheek Mum and Wine Matching Guide. Yummy Mummy Young, bright and bubbly, fresh-faced, nicely turned-out, looking just as good in wellies as she does in Jimmy Choos. She’s chatty, friendly and fun and somehow she crosses the boundaries of […]

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Baldon meets Bordeaux

I present Bordeaux tastings all the time but this one, in Baldon Oxfordshire, stood out. We weren’t tasting first growths, or indeed any growths. It was a tasting of Everyday Bordeaux – not a great term really, meaning that the wines are affordable, but I tell you what, I would be happy to drink any one of […]

sports relief

Sport Relief

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t do sport. I don’t watch it, follow it, read about it, engage in it. Yet here I am participating in Sport Relief. On the evening of Friday 21st March I shall be swimming 2.5km at Fox Hollies Leisure Centre. Now I realise this is not anywhere near on […]

fairtrade fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight

We’re more than half way through Fairtrade fortnight and my conscience has pricked me into action. Being a bargain hunter, having to pay a few pence more than necessary for my bananas, sugar, coffee, doesn’t sit comfortably with me. However, I do have a soul and a social sense of what’s right and wrong. I […]