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Aldi Lidl Taste Off

A favourite tasting this. People like to taste wines they can find easily, that they can afford, wines which represent value and they are  interested to see if the cheaper prices are truly on a par with other wines they might buy. Can they justify buying wine from either discounter with their head held high? […]

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Radio Wine Recommendations

If the pair below aren’t available in your local Aldi, they certainly are online today. I put an order in this morning but I have left you some, honest.   Lot 10 Clare Coonawarra Cabernet 2014 Aldi £6.99 was £9.99 All blackcurranty on the aromas and it tastes like Ribena for grown-ups too but with […]


Sauternes – have yourself a sweet Christmas

Dessert wine isn’t just for Christmas which seems an awful shame if the other 50 odd weeks in the year are sweet wine free. All those sensuous opportunities of palate-heaven missed. All those crumbles and crème brulées, those apple tarts and pecan pies consumed with no glorious golden liquid accessory. As you might expect, a […]

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Radio WM Recommendations

 La Garnacha 2014 Salvaje del Moncayo 13.5% Majestic £7.99 (mixed 6 price) and The Wine Society £7.75 This is a steal. Garnacha (or Grenache as it’s also known) has really lovely jammy aromas and flavours. This one also has a bracing freshness. The wild red fruitiness mingles perfectly with just a hint, but a very […]

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Radio WM Recommendations 8/7/16

Listen here at 1:17 available to listen until 7/8/16   CO-OP TRULY IRRESISTIBLE FIANO 2014  £6.99      12%                   International Wine Challenge Gold medallist and winner of the “Best Value White Wine under £7.00” trophy. This is 100% Fiano. It’s a medium bodied wine from Benevento in southern Italy. A little peachy number both in style and fruit character […]


Aldi Admiration

Have you become an Aldi addict yet? The interest in the wines from the discounter stores is growing. Personally, I like what they are doing; alongside the core range, they are selecting good wines to be sold at good prices which, once these are sold through, will be replaced with another set of (hopefully) good wines at equally […]


Aldi/Lidl Taste Off

The Aldi/Lidl showdown, a blind tasting of pairs of generic wines from both stores, took place in Birmingham  and revealed some interesting points. Lots of people were curious about the tasting emailing me their disappointment at not being able to attend for whatever reason, something they don’t usually bother to do,  and more since the […]