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Sparkling Times

In the last fortnight, I have been fortunate enough to attend 3 different sparkling wine tastings. On the plus side, yes, I do have a rather tasty job. On the minus side, as sparkling wines make such perfect appetisers, I seem to have been permanently hungry. I have already reported on the English sparkling wines […]

Musar_1998 Red_042206

Château Musar Vertical

I’m posting these tasting notes of a Château Musar vertical I was lucky enough to be part of four years ago because of some twitter chat with some terribly geeky wine people. I suspect we were all wearing our anoraks with pride. For those unfamiliar with Château Musar, it is the most famous wine of […]

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English Sparkling Wine

There was a time not so long ago when a tasting of 80 English sparkling wines would have been both impossible and something of an ordeal. Not anymore. Their success means that the number of producers of English Sparkling Wine has increased dramatically and, amazingly, quality has improved year on year too. So, when I […]