Cru Bourgeois 2012

Cru Bourgeois 12

The 2012 Crus Bourgeois were released last month and Richard and Laura spent a gruelling morning in her case, afternoon in his, tasting through those available in London at the annual tasting – a rather palate-bashing, teeth-shattering 188 of them. Following a little reminder as to exactly what Cru Bourgeois is and how the 2012s have fared overall, you’ll find a list of our favourites for you to memorise for when they become available to buy….anytime now.


Cru Bourgeois is a classification for those chateaux of the Médoc which weren’t classified in 1855. Chateaux can put themselves forward, each year, if they choose to and if they adhere to the approved rules and regulations. Should they score sufficient points in a blind tasting by wine professionals then they qualify. This year 267 wines were certified as Crus Bourgeois.


2012 was a warm vintage but marred by rain in late August and early September. However, with careful selection of grapes good wine was made and judging by the Crus Bourgeois we tasted, the vintage may have been underrated. Wines do vary in terms of their potential to age but you can pretty safely assume that the more expensive they are the longer they will keep. Those marked * we believe to be the keepers.


Château Lousteauneuf* (Médoc) – well-judged oak, good overall balance.

Château de Panigon (Médoc) – very attractive, creamy style. Modern, highly successful.

Château Rollan de By*(Médoc) – Bold, powerful style, especially for the vintage.

Château Beaumont (Haut-Médoc) – Recognisable style for the château, measured and moderate.

Château Belle-Vue* (Haut-Médoc) – crisp, crunchy black fruit, appetising, needs 3 -4 years to settle.

Château Bernadotte* (Haut-Médoc) – Rich, balanced and complete.

Château Cambon la Pelouse (Haut-Médoc) – Good fruit and nice creamy oak. Crowd-pleaser.

Château Doyac* (Haut-Médoc) – Richard’s favourite of the day. Intense, flavoursome, balanced.

Château Paloumey (Haut-Médoc) – Good balance and flavour

Château Deyrem-Valentin* (Margaux) – Dense, very good.

Château Mongravey (Margaux) – very smooth and polished, seems to be good every year

Château La Tour de Bessan (Margaux)– Elegant, charming. You can feel a woman’s touch at work here!

Château Clauzet – (St. Estèphe) – good St Estèphe typicity

Château La Haye*(St. Estèphe)  – Laura’s favourite of the day, rich black fruit and oaky.

Château Lilian Ladouys (St. Estèphe) – A return to form, attractive fruit, neat. Great value.

Château Le Boscq* (St. Estèphe) – Restrained, structured, for the long haul.

Château de Côme* (St. Estèphe) – Very oaky but with style.

Château Le Crock* (St. Estèphe) – Dense, intense. A wine with panache.

Château Serilhan* (St. Estèphe) – a nice splash of quality oak to finish with!


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