Chile: 3 Cool Reds

We all know that wines from Chile are pretty good value, right? They’re easy-drinking, inoffensive and crowd-pleasing, aren’t they? You don’t have to spend too much to get something acceptable. But what happens if you were to spend just a little bit more? Is it worth splashing out a few extra few pounds? Would you notice the difference? You betcha!

Here are three reds which are punching way above their price point, still great value, but for a couple of pounds more than the average UK spend on a bottle of wine, you get something impressive, something seriously cool.

Truly Irresistible Malbec 2013 – Co-op £6.99


Co-op malbec I quite like own labels because the supermarket is sticking its neck out by associating itself directly with what’s in the bottle. I particularly like them when the label in question is as stylish as this one, and the wine so good. This wine proves conclusively that Malbec is not the sole preserve of Argentina – Chile can do it, too – and it’s no wonder it received a gold medal with the Decanter World Wine Awards. For a wine with this price tag, it’s wonderfully complex starting with a ripe blackberry fruity punch, following with a savoury, herby and super-smooth polish. It’s only £6.99, for goodness sake. Snap it up.


Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2011 – Majestic £11.99

medalla real


If you were buying this at £11.99 you would not be disappointed – it’s a bargain at that price. This is stylish text-book New World Cabernet Sauvignon. But would you actually go to Majestic and only buy one bottle of wine when if you buy six the prices are considerably more tempting? This wine, at the moment at least, would be only £7.99 if you were buying any six bottles. Do it! You could quite easily buy six of Medalla Real alone because it has real staying-power and develops even greater complexity with time. Right now it’s all about cassis, rich chocolate and hints of barbecue smoke. Gorgeous.






Morandé Gran Reserva Pinot Noir £10.76

My palate is in love. It has been seduced and well and truly bowled over by this stunning example of Chilean Pinot Noir. Relatively dark and intense in colour for a Pinot Noir, the wine is beautifully balanced, classy, long and lasting. There are flavours of raspberries and wild strawberries, mingled with an earthy backbone. Palate and purse-pleasing.













Chilean wine-producers are seeking out cooler climate vine-growing areas to produce ever better,  more interesting and super-cool wines. There’s an upsurge in quality and a plateau on price, making Chilean wines arguably the best value on the market. Stock up.









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