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charlees-heidsickCharles Heidsieck Brut Réserve: The Wine Society £172 per case of 6 bottles.

For lovers of great champagne this is the bargain of the month, nay the year. It is not your common or garden non-vintage brut champagne; this is made with up to 40% reserve wines some of which are as old as 20 years. This gives the wine real depth of flavour,  character and elegance. Truly a smart wine which generally retails at between £35-43. BYWine orders have been placed……we trust we left you some.


(If you are not yet a member of The Wine Society, drop a heavy hint to a loved one…………soon!)





chateau-roumieuChâteau Roumieu 2013, Sauternes: Co-operative (half bottle) £8.99 (usually £12.99)

It seems odd that both champagne and sauternes are heavily discounted at the time of year when they are most often bought ……still, our gain. This is good value at the full price so a real treat when it is on offer. Some Co-ops are also doing 15% off when you buy 4 bottles.  Recommended on Radio WM last Friday (by Laura) and on the BYWine blog – you have probably guessed that we rather like this wine. Expressive on the nose, rich and smooth in the mouth with a pineapple and orange peel zing to balance out the caramelly sweetness.






ontnanonOntañon Rioja Reserva 2005, Slurp £10.95 (usually £13.95)

These guys make lovely wine – actually, of the three siblings involved 2 of them are women, and all of them are delightful. Their vineyards are well sited high in the Sierra Yerga. It’s so difficult to access them that in the old days the wine had to made there, too – the old stone fermenters and cellars are now part of wine-making history and have been turned into a little museum. The wine is all you would expect from a quality Rioja – ripe fruit, spice, smoothness and lingering chocolatey tannins. It may be 11 years old but it won’t disappoint in 5 years either.












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