Best Christmas Booze from Lidl

lidlOn Thursday November 24th, the latest Lidl Wine Cellar promotion began and the wine shelves should still be resplendent with Christmas-oriented fayre.


There are, as ever, a number of good buys but these are the ones Richard thinks will make your Christmas happiest:


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Quincy Fief des Pierres Blanches 2015 – £8.99

Sauvignon Blanc from the same area as Sancerre and similar in a lighter style.

Falanghina Sassi del Mare 2015 – £7.99

A new Italian dry white that simply has far more flavour than expected.

Godello Viento de Otono 2015 – £8.99

Lidl have gone big on Spanish dry whites this year and this is another that hits the spot.



Côte de Beaune-Villages Madame Veuve Point 2015 – £9.99

We thought the days of decent red Burgundy at this price were behind us!

Egri Bikaver Titi 2015 – £8.99

Made by one of Hungary’s most illustrious winemakers, Tibor Gal, this is flavoursome, satisfying and moreish.

Rioja Reserva Glorioso 2012 – £9.99

Textbook Reserva Rioja,  a definite runner for Christmas day red.

Barolo Riserva 2009 – £12.99

Ludicrous price for a Barolo Riserva, well worth a try if you are unfamiliar with this iconic Italian red.


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Franciacorta Brut Borgo Regio – £8.99

Relatively unknown Italian sparkling that has more in common with Champagne than Prosecco.

Champagne Grand Cru Comte de Seneval – £18.99

Top class Champagne, will improve for a year or two yet.

Champagne Bissinger Premium Cuvée – £16.99

And this is the Champagne if you are buying to drink in the next few weeks.



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Armilar Tawny Port – £6.49

Just a little bit more exciting than the similarly ridiculously priced Armilar Ruby Port.

Sparkling Tokaji, Hungary – £7.99

Did you even know this style of wine existed? Sweet, fresh and, to us at least, worryingly irresistible.

Trockenbeerenauslese Pfalz 2015 – £7.99 / 37.5cl

Rare and very sweet German white that would be a treat with the mince pies.

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Ice Wine Pillitteri 2015 – £15.99 / 37.5cl

As if a white Ice Wine from Canada isn’t enough, Lidl now has this one too!


And for the Spirits lovers, don’t miss out on the Glen Alba 22 year old Scotch (£29.99), the Ben Bracken 22 year old Islay Malt (£44.99) and 27 year old Speyside Malt (£49.99), and the Hortus London Gin and Sloe Gins.


And just a reminder that, if you do find that some of the wines are out of stock when you first try, shops will receive fresh deliveries for a week or three until stocks are gone.


And while you’re there, it’s worth stocking up on the Stollen bites and Macarons. Might need one of the larger-sized trolleys…….Image result for stollen bites lidl

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