Bordeaux Bargains

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that we at BYWine are fans of Bordeaux wine so when we see a good selection well-priced with a discount then we are keen to share it. The Central England Co-operative currently has 15% off when you buy four bottles – promoted as We Like Wine – and the following Bordeaux are selling in their Fine Wine range at very fair prices so particularly good bargains with the multi-buy reduction.


Château Magnol and Château Beaumont both 2011 from the Haut-Médoc selling at £11.99 and £16.99 respectively offer good value, even at this their full price, for clarets from an underrated vintage. 2011 followed two great years in Bordeaux so was rather unappreciated. The wines have come round better than was expected and are drinking perfectly well now and for the next 5-8 years.


Belgrave 2007


Château Le Boscq from St. Estèphe and fifth growth Château Belgrave are £20 each (give or take a penny), both from the highly regarded Dourthe stable and both from the early-drinking 2007 vintage. Don’t keep these; buy to drink within the next year. You’ll enjoy the Belgrave’s classy Cabernet fullness even more knowing that you’ve bought a cru classé wine for the unbelievable price of £17!  Château Le Boscq is dark, rich and velvety, bordering on the seductive!




For white wine lovers there’s Clos Floridène at £17 which might seem a bit steep but it is from arguably one of the world’s best white wine-makers, Denis Dubourdieu, and, of course, only £14.45 with the 15% off. This is Sauvignon Blanc aged in oak and blended with Sémillon so expect a full-bodied and complex wine, a perfect accompaniment to scallops, monkfish, poultry, creamy pasta dishes and a whole host of other foods. Incidentally, it sells for £27 at Berry Brothers and Rudd.

Clos Floridene 2011


If you don’t happen to be in the Central England Co-op area and if they aren’t spreading the wine love all over the UK, Château Brassac is an absolute bargain down £3 to £6.99 and available everywhere at this price until 10th June.



We Like Wine a lot at these prices!

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