Mum & Wine Pairing

Mums are great. So is wine. They deserve each other. Find the perfect wine in this tongue-in-cheek Mum and Wine Matching Guide.

yummy-mummyYummy Mummy

Young, bright and bubbly, fresh-faced, nicely turned-out, looking just as good in wellies as she does in Jimmy Choos. She’s chatty, friendly and fun and somehow she crosses the boundaries of class, gender and age. Everybody loves her.

Buy her: Prosecco

The Perfect Parent

She is as immaculate as is her house, her office, her children. They are always perfectly turned out, on time with every item of gym kit, stationery required. They practice piano/violin/tuba (probably all three) before breakfast, go to extra-curricular judo/mandarin/origami (possibly all three) before dinner.  She produces gourmet dishes and bakes a dozen cakes for the school fête with ease. How does she do it?

Buy her: Dom Pérignon – something magical; something complex with class, total precision and perfection.

Mama Mia!

She cooks and cuddles. She smiles and smothers her children in her big, open embrace, and anyone else who happens to be nearby. She’s warm but excitable, soft but exciting. She can also be serious. You’ll often find her in the kitchen effortlessly creating tasty Mediterranean wonders.

Buy her: Chianti Classico

Fun Mum

She’s a hoot, a laugh a minute. She’s your best friend, your facebook friend. She doesn’t believe for one minute that life has to be taken too seriously. She’s great company and refreshing – what you see is what you get.

Buy Her: Wine with a fun label (Cat’s pee on a Gooseberry Bush, for instance, or Goats do Roam) or even have your own made

Mother Nature

The earth mother – no make-up, no frills just as nature intended. She nurtures and feeds her brood with nothing but healthy, organic produce. In touch with the cycles of the moon, she may seem a little out-there but there’s a lot of wisdom and goodness in her.

Buy her: Organic, Bio-dynamic or Natural wine such as Adobe from Chile or anything from

Golden Oldie

She’s so sweet and an absolute godsend at Christmas and other special occasions. But actually she’s brilliant all year round. You love her, your children love her. She seems to become ever more wonderful the older she gets. She’s generous though also firm and sharp but only because it’s necessary; in fact, she’s wholly balanced, poised and refined.

Tesco sauternes

Buy her: Sauternes – so sweet, so good for you.






wine makes mummy

If your mum deserves more than just a bottle then in much the same vein as our mum/wine suggestions you can buy a glass, glass mat and apron monogrammed with the wonderful non-sequitur Wine Makes Mummy Clever



Or pick up a copy of The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club by the lovely Helen McGinn. Described as ‘the one wine guide that every woman should own’ it is useful but just as importantly, it’s funny and a great read. Your mum will be giggling all the way down the wine aisle to the nearest corkscrew.


Whatever happens to be in your glass on Mother’s Day, raise it and toast your wonderful mum.