50 Years of Sun in a Glass

vinasol logo Torres’ first vintage of Viña Sol was 1962 so this year they celebrate 50 years of its launch. Well, they must be doing something right for a brand to last so long with not a hint of looking behind the times, jaded, tired or old hat. I’m vintage 1962 and I rather wish that I had lasted so well, looked so fresh, remained just as appealing.



We have both had a slight change of name. Both in 1988. Viña Sol discarded ‘Spanish Chablis’ from the label, I parted company with Perkins, my maiden name. Both changes for the better, ugly names disposed of (sorry, Dad), but the core product remained the same. One of us has had a few face-lifts over the years (and it’s quite obviously not me!) and looks good on them.

i_botellasvinasolI wish I could brag that I’ve given ’50 years of making your best moments shine’ or even ’50 years of freshness’, I wish I could promise a ‘touch of Mediterranean warmth’ and ‘golden radiance.’ I can’t but Viña Sol can. I can, however, claim, like Viña Sol, to be not quite as sweet as I once was. Enough already with the comparisons – I don’t come out so well.

Viña Sol is a great crowd-pleasing wine. I would happily recommend it for parties and weddings as well as for everyday drinking. A blend of Parellada and Garnacha Blanc from Catalunya in northern Spain, it’s fresh, fruity, crisp but with a just off-dry edge, lowish alcohol (11.5%) and works well with salads and light fish, chicken, pasta and rice dishes. It’s really well-made, commercial wine (NOT a derogative term. Almost all wine made needs to be commercial) at a good price – £6.69 at most supermarkets, sometimes on offer at £5.99 when you buy 2 at Majestic.

Vina sol

I was delighted and grateful to have been given this beautifully presented special edition 50th anniversary box by Torres but would I buy the wine? Most definitely and have basked in its ‘golden radiance’ many times.


PS Anyone know a good plastic surgeon?