Radio Wine Recommendations

If the pair below aren’t available in your local Aldi, they certainly are online today. I put an order in this morning but I have left you some, honest.


Lot 10 Clare Coonawarra Cabernet 2014

Aldi £6.99 was £9.99

All blackcurranty on the aromas and it tastes like Ribena for grown-ups too but with more lusciousness. Generous and full in the mouth, it’s also nicely balanced, with smooth, chocolatey tannins.

Food match: Pasta dishes, rich casseroles.




Lot 07 Bushvine Chenin Blanc 2015

Aldi £6.99 from £9.99

This is quite a complex wine with lots of aromas and flavours to notice and enjoy: it’s a bit appley, peachy even, with some tart acidity (in a good way) to balance the sweet vanilla and light oakiness.

Food match: Pork and apple, Macaroni Cheese





Cariñena Gran Reserva 2009

Sainsbury’s £5.00

You’d be hard pressed to find a better bargain than this. For as little as a fiver you get a wine with intensely, juicy fruit, oak and age. It’s really easy drinking and at a glugging-wine price but it has a whole lot more than that to offer –character, for instance!

Food match: sausage and mash, moussaka





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Codorníu Cava Brut

Sainsbury’s £6.75 from £10

For some reason I can’t explain, Cava seems to get overlooked and yet it can, arguably, be some of the best value fizz out there. Codorníu is a big producer with a sterling reputation. This example of theirs is  made in a Brut style, meaning its dry, the bubbles are fine and persistent and the flavours are fresh, crisp and attractive.

Food match: Spanish olives and chorizo nibbles, white fish, lemon chicken.

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