Champagne Castelnau

Thank you to Champagne Castelnau for inviting me to their  ‘new century, new design’ launch at Sakagura – what a treat.

I’ve blogged about De Castelnau before (there was a ‘de’ then, there isn’t now) about their super-stylish champagnes which have a richness and seriousness about them. The three that I particularly rate highly are the Brut Réserve, the Blanc de Blancs 2003 and the Hors Categorie – all wines with extended ageing which make you stop and think when the wine hits your palate. The wines are impressive and tasting them with modern Japanese canapés  they seem very much of our time.

Until now, however, the packaging was lacking. There was very little about the presentation which would make you want to reach for a bottle on a shelf. A new design has changed that. The labels are clean, simple and suggest pleasure and fun; there’s almost a flirtatious ‘pick me’ look about them. Pick ’em, you won’t be disappointed.

Castelnau Brut Réserve bottle in gift box